Meet Dr. Daphene Carson

Certified Life Coach and Transformation Expert

Welcome to A Dose of Dr. Daph Life Coaching and Transformation Services. Dr. Daph holds a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), and has advanced training, experience, and certifications in Life, Love, and Relationship Coaching. She customizes a five step plan, which has been proven to result in life changing results to address the needs of her clients.  Based on her amazing and proven model, she is an expert at writing individuals a prescription for a "dose" of balance, change, fulfillment, and happiness. Best of all, she is a fierce, life changing Life Coach! 

As a Professional Certified Life Coach, Dr. Daph prides herself on living her purpose and her passion. She too has found herself having to overcome life challenges, as life has not always been easy. Her life reflects bouncing back after divorce (not once but twice), being a single mother, the challenges of co-parenting, and just putting measures into place to advance, achieve, and live her best life. 


She has helped numerous individuals and couples improve themselves, their lives, and their relationships with others.  Many times individuals feel down, broken, confused, and just need some strong Coaching. They find themselves feeling like giving up, lost, in loveless relationships, or they find that they no longer are connecting with the ones they love.  A therapist who will sit and analyze a person's mind and listen to them talk without a strong plan, is just not needed.  Instead, many times a person simply needs a Life Coach to listen and provide the critical tools needed to overcome life's obstacles, and achieve success.   

Always working at the highest level of confidentiality, she listens to her clients, and works with them until their problem is solved and no longer an issue.  With a solid plan, setting goals, and putting in work, she gives individuals a dose of what they need to succeed. Her clients are allowed to be vulnerable, transparent, and most of all honest to themselves. Her goal is to truly help people, her results are guaranteed, and she only takes on clients who she knows she can provide top notch service towards getting them on the right path. She focuses on living a stress free, fulfilling, and happy lifestyle. Ready to chat? A free consultation will determine if her services are a fit for you! No risk or obligation. 

Ready to take the journey?


If you are ready to be given a life changing "dose", contact Dr. Daph for a free, no obligation consultation.  Let her write your prescription to embrace your life's potential, find love again, reclaim the love you and your significant other once shared, or simply help you find the confidence to love yourself, and live a happy life. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life's demands, her services aim to introduce clarity and self-motivation.  It is time to live YOUR life's potential.