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Dr. Daph, founder of “A Dose of Dr. Daph”, is a fierce HR Consultant and Concierge Coach. Dr. Daph holds a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) and is a certified Life and Relationship Coach. As an educated and experienced expert, her areas of specialization includes mastering the art of co-parenting, relationship and self-confidence building, helping others ignite the spark in their relationship, and coaching individuals to making positive life transformations.  From helping individuals break life barriers to helping businesses maneuver risk and improve employee relations, she focuses on personal and professional human growth.  

Life Concierge is her passion.  Solving problems and transforming lives is her niche.  Being an intentional change expert and making a difference is her forte.  Her life experiences have helped her become an expert at giving individuals and businesses a dose of what they need to succeed.  In addition to Life Concierge, she is a Podcaster, Self-Published Author, former Educator, Human Resources Manager, and Director of Operations who has a strong passion for bringing awareness of equity, equality, and diversity to the workplace. 

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If you are ready to be given a life changing "dose", contact Dr. Daph for a free, no obligation consultation.  Let her write your prescription to embrace your life's potential, find love again, reclaim the love you and your significant other once shared, or simply help you find the confidence to love yourself, and live a happy life. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life's demands, her services aim to introduce clarity and self-motivation.  It is time to live YOUR life's potential.

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