Life Coaching Services

Life Coaching with Dr. Daph will help you deliberately move past self-limiting beliefs and create a new reality, which will result in a higher degree of self love, self esteem, and self confidence. The past will play a part but the focus will be on the present and the future.  Life coaching with Dr. Daph will further help you define and achieve your deepest desires and overcome obstacles that are holding you back, all while creating a plan for your future. Be prepared to be vulnerable, transparent, and trusting as we work towards a better YOU!  Are you ready for a transformation? Contact Dr. Daph to start your proactive journey today.

Individual Life Coaching Services

Individual Life Coaching can help you if you are:

  • Stressed and overwhelmed with life demands.

  • Seeking something greater in life.

  • Lacking the confidence to be a self-starter or achieve success.

  • Feeling like you need a total transformation.

  • Lacking the motivation and follow-thorough to reach your goals.

  • Feeling like giving up or that your dreams are impossible to fulfill.

  • Lacking direction or need a solid plan to help you succeed.

  • Having a difficult time transitioning or managing your time.

  • Feeling unhappy and loss with day to day expectations and pressures.

  • Needing to move on or avoid future toxic relationships.

  • Needing to reclaim your life after a breakup or divorce.

Couples Life Coaching Services

Couples Life Coaching can help you if:

  • You and your significant other no longer seem to agree or see eye to eye.

  • No longer feel the connection that you felt before and you want to reconnect on a higher level.

  • You feel romance and intimacy no longer exist and you and you want the love and sparks again.

  • Sex life hit rock bottom or is buried.

  • You are just starting a relationship and you want to ensure long term success.

  • You want some tools and resources to enhance your relationship.  

  • You want to save and reclaim your relationship. 

  • You want proven tips to successfully co-parent.

Couples Therapy
Business EAP (BEAP) Services

Business EPA Program can help you if:

  • What is a Business Employee Assistance Program (BEAP)?

    • A work-based intervention program which assist employees in resolving personal problems that may have an adverse impact on the employees's workplace performance. EAP includes coaching services that address concerns such as stress and time management, financial issues, office conflicts, workplace ethics, employee relations, customer service, and professionalism in the workplace.   

  • What are the benefits of an BEAP?​​ 

    • Mentally and physically healthy employees.

    • Happier and more productive employees.

    • Increased workplace attendance.

    • Decreased employee turnovers.

    • Decreased labor disputes.

    • Decreased workplace injuries.

Teen Life Coaching

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