Client Feedback

Sharon C. - I was struggling with trying to bring a healthy balance to my life.  Every direction I would travel, only led to a dead end.  I didn't have very many resources (so I thought), and my money was low. I was referred to Dr. Daph and contacting her was the best decisions I ever made.  I have been using her services for two months and my life has taken a complete 360. I finally feel that I am setting and reaching my goals and a number of things have transpired that I would have never been able to achieve without Dr. Daph! Thank you Dr. Daph for keeping its real with me, supporting me, listening to me, and being up front with me as well.  Your plan works and because of you, my life has forever changed. 

Michael B. - Men usually don't believe in therapy type services. I have been knowing Dr. Daph for over 10 years and I knew first hand the amazing person that she had been in my life as well as in the life of others. Feeling stuck in a dead relationship, I looked to divorce my wife first, before Dr. Daph gave me a dose of what I needed to succeed at being the husband and father I needed to be.  My wife is a very private person, so I didn't disclose to her that I was being Coached by Dr. Daph, but she is such a happy wife now that she is grateful that I took the steps to reflect on the role I was playing that was leading to the demise of our marriage and family. My family and I in a very good place and I owe it all to Dr. Daph.  Her guidance and advise changed our household and I highly recommend her services.  Side sex life is like it was back in my early college days, enough said!  Thanks Dr. Daph!!